Sunday, January 6, 2008

Saakashvili strongholds, and observer announcements today

With 229 precincts in, Saakashvili is at 57.58%.

Much of that commanding lead is thanks to just three places: Akhaltsikhe, Marneuli (both dominated by ethnic minorities) and Zugdidi (bordering breakaway Abkhazia).

ISFED's parallel vote tabulation, meanwhile, doesn't answer much: they have Saakashvili clearing the 50% threshold by less than a percentage point, within the 2% margin of error.

The results of a second PVT count, from New Generation-New Initiative, are expected today, perhaps within the next few hours.

And at 3 p.m., the OSCE will release a statement on their monitoring results.

No hints yet of how many will rally at Rike.


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