Monday, May 26, 2008

UNOMIG: Russian jet shot down Georgian drone

In other news, UNOMIG's team wrapped up its investigation into the April 20 downing of an unmanned Georgian spy plane over Abkhazia. Tbilisi released a video of the encounter, showing what Georgian officials claimed was a Russian jet shooting down their drone.

Based on the evidence, UNOMIG agreed:

Citing extensive analysis of the radar records and video footage, the UNOMIG team reported today that: "Absent compelling evidence to the contrary, this leads to the conclusion that the aircraft belonged to the Russian air force."

More: This will be a big boost to Tbilisi's push for internationalization of the peacekeeping forces: "From a strict peacekeeping perspective, therefore, the Mission considers that enforcement action by third-parties – in this case the Russian Federation - in the zone of conflict is fundamentally inconsistent with the Moscow Agreement and, aside from possible considerations under international law, undercuts the ceasefire and separation of forces regime."


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