Monday, May 26, 2008

Little incentive for a big campaign

The United Opposition say they will rally to push for new elections, but they lack momentum and incentive.

The first 16 on the United Opposition’s party list were elected to parliament last week; that represents key leadership of all member parties, most of which are vehicles for their top personalities.

They’ve fallen short of turning out the sitting government, but can make much of their position in parliament. The leading opposition figures have titles, salaries, and the opportunity for deal-making.

They also have frustrated supporters and underlings urging them to push for more. They will do so, as none wish to be the first to publicly accept the cards this election dealt, but it will be with more posture than conviction.

Today’s rally will probably fizzle out. The alternative is for something terrible to happen. There is little support for a revolution, but there is always someone willing to get violent. Yet some in the opposition have already vowed to leave the fold if the demonstration gets out of hand, so any incident is more likely to be quickly resolved than reinvigorate a lengthy campaign.


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