Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More on Gali

Abkhaz officials are calling the shootings and blasts in Gali district a "provocation."

An Abkhaz security officer told separatist news agency Apsnypress that a bus headed from Zugdidi towards Gali, the southern district of Abkhazia populated mostly by ethnic Georgians, came under fire in Georgian-controlled territory 200 meters from the administrative border. Separatist officials deny responsibility.

The Georgian deputy interior minister said four women were injured in the attack, one seriously. The attention of the UN is very important, she said.

The separatist Abkhaz official in charge of Gali district told Apsnypress that their militia are not stopping ethnic Georgian from crossing the administrative border to vote in Zugdidi.

In Tbilisi, ruling party representative Davit Bakradze said, "Abkhazia should be an issue which political parties can unite over."


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