Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Exit polls: National Movement wins

Exit polls show the government winning 63 percent of the vote nationwide.

The exit polls, conducted by a group including a state university and leading think-tank, showed the United Opposition with 14.2 percent, Christian Democrats with 9.1 and Labor with 5.8. The Republicans fell short of the five percent threshold, getting just 3.6 percent, according to these exit polls.

For the 75 majoritarian races, which compose half the seats, the National Movement are projected to take: 63.4 percent across all districts, Christian Democrats 8.4, United Opposition 15.7, Republicans 3.8 and Labor 4.6.

If this is an accurate prediction of the final count, the National Movement could romp to a more than two-thirds majority, depending on how the majoritarian races play out.

Opposition leaders, fearing biased exit polls would be used to legitimize rigged elections, told their supporters not to participate.

: Margin of error is 3.5 percent, making it unclear whether the Republicans topped 5 percent.


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