Thursday, May 22, 2008

nGnI counts 58.5 percent for National Movement; shows opposition leader losing in Samgori race

nGnI released their final parallel vote tabulation from 800 precincts. With turnout at 50.7 percent, they gave the National Movement 58.5 percent in party list voting.

According to official results from nearly half the precincts, the National Movement stands at 61.4 percent.

nGnI's count put the United Opposition in second place with 18.3 percent, followed by the Christian Democrats at 8.4 and Labor at 7.3

The Republicans clocked in at 3.9 percent, falling well short of the 5 percent vote threshold for parliamentary representation.

nGnI also tallied votes in five majoritarian contests. the opposition's Davit Gamkrelidze wins in Vake, but the ruling party takes majoritarian seats in Zugdidi, Batumi, Gori and Samgori, where opposition leader Levan Gachechiladze went up against a wealthy businesswoman.


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