Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Christian Democrats allege violations

Below is a press release from Giorgi Targamadze's Christian Democratic Party, which is expected to perform strongly today and has hitherto been more moderate than most other opposition parties.

They allege these violations, none of which we've substantiated:
CDP chokhatauri Majoritarian candidate Magda kotrikadze reports - in the village of Gogolisubani, a gambebeli Shukri Sikharulidze broke into the precinct three times and sinked many ballots into the ballot box. The information is being provided to the observers. CDP representative already filed a complaint on this
The same Magda Kotrikadze reports that in the precinct #37, in the village of Chachieti, the representative of the CDP was provided problems and was forced to leave the territory of the precinct.
CDP Gardabani branch reports that in the village of Martkopi, active falsification is being made with the help of "carousels". Circa 200 voters already voted 4 times in 4 different precincts.
CDP: In #11 precinct in the village of Gachiani, UNM activists are in the building with UNM flags and other attributes valling on to vote for UNM. Marking is not made on this precinct also.
CDP Gurjaani branch representatives: in almost all of the precincts in Gurjaani, UNM activists cater around the doors of the precinct and in some cases ask, and in some cases force voters to circle #5 (UNM). Also, there are numerous cases of voting twice - the votes is pronounced ill and is brought ballot box home to vote, then he turns up at the precinct and votes as a healthy voter.
CDP representative in Kardenakhi #31 precinct Khatuna Vardiashvili reports that anonyomous calls trying to indimitade her and her family are being made starting this morning.
CDP reports that at Chumlaki #48 precinct, from a mercedes car, number 907 (series is unknown as of now), a mobile ballot box was brought out and in the yard, ballots were being placed there massively
CD Akhalkalaki branch reports several cases where a citizen voted with other citizen's ID
CDP Upper Abkhazia (Kodori Valley) branch reports that most of their voters there were taken out of the voters' list. Military personnel is mobilized, and apparently, military personnel in this region are more than normal voters.
CDP Achara branch reports a complicated situation in Kobuleti district, where the voters taken to the precincts by the movement (?) were forced out of the precinct, and the drivers of the cars were stripped of driver licenses. They are calling on international organizations for help.


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