Saturday, January 5, 2008

The polls are (mostly) open

It snowed an inch overnight in Tbilisi, slowing transportation; many polling stations in the capital opened late, but voting has since gone relatively smoothly in most places.

Residents of the mountain village of Shatili will not be voting, however -- heavy snow kept local commissioners from reaching the polling place. Weather across the rest of Georgia has been blustery, but initial reports say turnout is strong.

Some complaints have come in from Tbilisi, where wary voters are glancing over their local election lists for dead neighbors (and finding them), irregularities they fear could be used for vote fraud.

The first official results are expected in eleven hours. Until then, we'll be looking at election conduct, the situation in the secessionist regions, exit poll results and everything else you need to follow and understand during the day.

Keep checking back for continuous coverage of Georgia's most fiercely contested presidential election from Georgia's most trusted newspaper.


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